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New Arrivals!!!   Our latest creations!

Oval tray

Aldo most impressive piece ever!


This is a large oval deep tray cm 50 for cm 35. It can be used as a centerpiece or either as a wall decoration. It is fully decorated with multiple colourful designs. The central figure represent a Grifone, mythological animal present in the Mediterranean art area since 6.000 years.  

It's Easter time!!!

Cesare yellowish duck covered with grapes!


Yellow, but also purple-violet, are the most representative colours used for Easter, also for the Catholic Church.

This cute, awesome, cheerful duck with a Tuscan Landscape painted on the chest, could represent a beautiful gift to give to someone you love as an Easter present!


You colud bring some happiness to someone's home  with this colourful duck!



Palazzo is an italian word used to indicate a majestic ancient buildign.


Florence downtown is adorned with beautiful Palazzo, mostly owned by the most influent powerful Tuscan families, as the Medici Family.


Inside the city you can easily find yourself astonished by the graceful perspectives along small alley intersected by these beautiful Palazzo!

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